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April 8th, 2023 - Positional - Hunter Field Shooting

April 8th, 2023 - Positional - Hunter Field Shooting

1- Day on the Range
Positonal Shooting Course for Hunting or Hunter Competitions



Sureshot Range and Guns

1777 55th St, Mt Auburn, IA 52313

This course is about how to build a shooting position quickly after your game animal has been spotted. This class is for rifle hunters/shooter wanting to compete at National Rifle League Hunter Matches or just to be a better hunter.  NRL hunter matches are simulations of real long range hunting situations.  You must Find-Range-Engage the targets in a 4 minute time limit.  This couse will teach you how to find targets faster, tips and trick for ranging, data management, and how to build your final shooting postion. 


This class will primarily focus on shooting from a tripod. Setting up the tripod for differnt heights and building a body position for that height.  Bringing a quality tripod will help you get the most out of this class.


Shooters should have some experience shooting to distance (600yds), have their gear setup to fit them, and have data for thier rifle to 800yds.  Shooters should have also taken a basic fundamentals of precision rifle course in the past and its recomended they have had a postional class.


8 shooter limit per class

This class will cover:

Short Review of Fundamentals

Stage Process  (Finding Targets - Ranging Targets - Drop data - Building a Position)

Gear Managment

Tripod Shooting Positions

Shooting Process

Time Management

Match Process

2-3 Practice stages

Required Gear

Tripod to Shoot From



Rifle (1MOA or Better) - NO MAGNUMS

Rifle Drop Data out to 800Yds & Trued Ballistic Calculator

Scope with Exposed Turrets

Front/Positional Bag


Rear Bag

Shooting Mat (optional)

100rds Ammunition

Ear Protection

Pen and Paper for Notes

Bring Your Lunch


2023 NRL Hunter Matches in the Iowa Area

Clarence, MO - Vortex Whitetail Madness - March 31-April 2

Decorah, IA - Caldwell Little Hunt on the Prarie - April 28-30

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