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June 17th, 2023 - Long Range Fundamentals

June 17th, 2023 - Long Range Fundamentals

The fundamentals of marksmanship are the foundation to shooting your rifle with consistent repeatable accuracy at long range.  This course will teach you how to properly setup your rifle, address you rifle and  operate you rifle for consistent results. Shooters leave this course with thier rifle data collected and ballistic program ready for thier next shooting adventure.



Sureshot Range and Guns

1777 55th St, Mt Auburn, IA 52313

Rifle Setup 

Fundamental Review

Zeroing Your Rifle

Doping your Rifle to Distance (800yds)

Truing you Ballistic Program

Wind Calling Methods

Required Gear

Rifle (1MOA or Better) - NO MAGNUMS 

Scope with Exposed Turrets


Rear Bag

Shooting Mat

100rds Ammunition (bring ammunition that is all one type/brand and what you plan to use in the rifle, mix mashing ammunition will have differnt results down range)

Ear Protection

Pen and Paper for Notes



June 18th there will be a Positonal Class at this range. Sign up for both days to make a weekend out of it.

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