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Oct 15th 2023 - Positional Shooting

Oct 15th 2023 - Positional Shooting

1- Day on the Range
Positional Shooting/ Competition Prep



Black Oak Rifle Range - Olin, IA


If you are Hunting, Competing or just shooting for fun, knowing how to build a proper shooting position off the ground or on an obstacle can be fun and challenging.  This course will teach you the best way to build these positions and manage your recoil to see what happens down range.


This class is designed for a rifle shooter that is looking to compete in long range shooting matches that require positon building (PRS/NRL), or hunters that want to be better in the field.  Shooters should have some experience with shooting to distance, have their gear setup to fit them, and have data to 800yds (Min).  Shooters should have also taken a basic fundamentals of precision rifle class in the past.


6 shooter limit per class

This class will cover:

Short Review of Fundamentals

Position Building

Shooting Process

Time Management

Match Process

Stage Process

Required Gear

Rifle (1MOA or Better) - NO MAGNUMS

Rifle Drop Data out to 800Yds & Trued Ballistic Calculator

Scope with Exposed Turrets

Front/Positional Bag


Rear Bag

Shooting Mat (optional)

100rds Ammunition

Ear Protection

Pen and Paper for Notes

Bring Your Lunch

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