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Your Gateway to Long Range Shooting

Accuracy Dynamics focuses on bringing new shooters into the long range shooting community.  Getting involved can be intimidating but with the right direction, mentors and information, you can quickly become part of the community.

Long range shooting is not a "one size fits all".  You will have to find the style and form that works best for you.  Gear, Fundamentals, Budgets and Expectations are all part of finding your style.   Let's work together to make your style fit you.


Rifle Instructors

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Motto: "Smile and Dial" because long range shooting is fun!

I started studying Long Range Shooting in 2007.  I actively compete in long range competitions (PRS & NRL) around the Midwest, am the Director of the Iowa Precision Rifle Matches, write technical article for online websites and instruct courses for Accuracy Dynamics.  It's safe to say I live a Long Range Shooting life style.

As an instructor I strive to find communication channels with other shooters.  I want to find the shooting language that resonates with you to help you fully grasp the long range concepts.  

As a shooter I always ask the question "Why?".  My Engineering background makes me analyze every part of long range shooting to find the root reason we do things the way we do.   Once I find the root reason I like to rebuild and reinforce how we do these things in a way that works for me, and hopefully for you.  I try to keep long range shooting simple by getting rid of unnecessary clutter and showing why we can get rid of it.  Keep it simple.

I am a jack of all trades and a master of one... learning.

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