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March 30th, 2024 - Iowa City Area + Range Class

March 30th, 2024 - Iowa City Area + Range Class



1461 Coral Ridge Mall
Coraalville, IA 52241


Unlock Your Long Range Potential!!  Join us for a one-of-a-kind Long Range Shooting Class in Iowa.


This one-day classroom class covers intricate details that will kickstart your long-range journey in the right direction. Whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter, don't miss this opportunity to learn modern shooting techniques that will set you on the path to success!


Morning Session (8AM-12PM)

Equipment Gear/Selection - Dive into the world of Rifles, Stocks, Scopes, MOA vs Mil, Bipods, and Cartridge Selection.

Shooting Fundamentals - Understand Rifle Setup, Trigger Control, Recoil Management, Sight Picture, and Breathing Techniques.


1 Hour Lunch Break


Afternoon Session (1PM - 5PM)

Understanding Rifle Ballistics - Learning the art of doping your Rifle to distance, Ballistic Coefficients and Environmental Effects.

Wind Calling Method - Develop expertise in assessing Wind Speed, Direction, Wind Roses, and Rifle MPH.


What to Bring

A Curious Mind

Note Taking Pad and Pen


** Optional Range Day ** --> Sunday March 31st  RANGE DAY IS SOLD OUT

10AM to 4PM  (Please note this is Easter Sunday)





Sureshot Range and Guns

1777 55th St, Mt Auburn, IA 52313


The day after the classroom portion, we will host a 1 day class at Sureshot Range and Guns.  Only shooters that attend the classroom on March 30th will be allowed in this class.  This class day is discounted from the standard class rate.


At this Sunday course, we will apply the information and techniques we learned on Saturday. We will review your rifle setup, work on fundamentals for consistent results, and shoot to distance. Shooters leave this course with their rifle data collected and ballistic program ready for their next shooting adventure.


Required Gear

Rifle (1MOA or Better) - NO MAGNUMS 

Scope with Exposed Turrets


Rear Bag

Shooting Mat

100rds Ammunition (bring ammunition that is all one type/brand and what you plan to use in the rifle, mix mashing ammunition will have different results down range)

Ear Protection

Pen and Paper for Notes

Bring your Lunch

  • Terms and Conditions

    All classes purchaes are final. You bought a ticket.  Shooters can transfer or sell thier seat to another shooter up to 10 day before a class.  Origional purchaser must notify Accuracy Dynamics with contact infromation for the new shooter.

     No Transfers are allowed within 10 day of class.

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